Been quiet lately, other than the complete site rebuild, I have not had much time to put in to RMF lately. However, that is about to change! Tonight see’s the first part of a set of tutorials where we create a bulb riding an exorcise bike that is powering itself. I saw the image in a 3D magazine. I absolutely loved the concept however it was originally created in 3DS Max so I simply had to try and rebuilt it in Cinema 4D. A few parts proved to be a bit tricky but I worked my way around them and got it together.

In part one we start off by making the light bulb itself (pictured below.) Which I have had a few requests asking for a tutorial for anyway….

The ultimate goal will be to produce this….

Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources

Since starting this tutorial set I have discovered that the original bulb character is created by André Kutscherauer of for his incredible short film “Self Illumination”


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