Cinema 4D Tutorial – Awesome Dynamic Mechanical Thing (Geneva drive or Maltese cross)

Another tutorial for you, this time its recreating something cool that I have seen! Basically on Reddit I spotted a post created by GarethWasHere showing these super cool mechanical GIF loops.

I have somewhat of a love for gears, cogs, pistons and the like so I thought these looked great! I had to try and recreate one of them using dynamics!

So, that is what this tutorial covers. Complete from start to finish. First we will model the parts, then we will setup the dynamics system. Next we light the scene followed by rendering. Finally how to then turn it into a looping GIF.

I had lots of fun with this one, I may even try building another one of Gareth’s models using dynamics!


Above is the looping GIF I made, below is a video example of the same system.

If you do anything similar to this, please post links below. I love to see your creations!

Whats covered in this tutorial?

  • Modelling using Splines
  • Modifying Splines
  • Using the Extrude Object
  • Using the Motor Object
  • Lighting the Scene using Infidio Pro
  • Importing a PNG sequence into After Effects
  • Saving from Photoshop as an animated GIF
  • Using the Connect object
  • Using the Spline Mask
  • Using Hinge Connectors
  • Adding some Basic Materials
  • Render settings for a PNG sequence
  • Importing a PNG sequence into Photoshop
  • Simple Colour Correction After Effects

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    Great tutorial, I learned a lot and created this check it out…!!! Hope you like it…!!!

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