Its that time of year again and the new version of Cinema 4D is right around the corner! I have to admit I thought that perhaps we would get a slightly jazzier name… R15 seem fairly logical but at the same time very unimaginative! I would have loved to see it given a crazy assed name… you know like Adobe did… They went from 6 to CC that’s how you whip up a dust storm! It could have been Cinema DoubleD or something…

Anyway… you can read all about it here at Maxons website. To be honest theres not a huge amount there that is really standing out for me… There seems to be a load of under the hood stuff done, to make rendering a bit faster perhaps… The text stuff looks interesting. Sculpting is still not really my thing… oh no wait! I totally forgot! There is now a Jib!! To be fair that could be useful, but I’m surprised its a major bullet point in the new features….


Anyway, its due in September, so with that and GTA V…. Im going to see no sun light in that month!

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