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Here you will find all of the most important Cinema 4D shortcut keys listed out nice and neatly and best of all its really easy to search through. You can either use the search bar on the right or click the headers to jump straight to the relevant section. If you are using Cinema 4D on Mac then most often you simply replace Ctrl with Cmd. One or two are missing, and if you happen to know any others that are either not complete or not here at all, then please feel free to let me know and I’ll add them.


Function Shortcut Key(s)
New Ctrl + N
Add Shift + Ctrl+ 0
Open Ctrl +0
Close All Shift + Ctrl + W
Save As Shift + Ctrl + S
Save Ctrl +5
Quit Ctrl + Q

Object Manager

Function Shortcut Key(s)
Merge Objects Shift + Ctrl+ 0
Show Search Bar Ctrl + F
Show Fitter Ctrl + U
Project Information Ctrl + I
Group Objects Alt + G
Expand Object Group Shift + G
New object as Parent object  Alt + create object
New object as Child object  Shift + create object
Select Obj. incl. Child Objects  Click with RMB

Picture Viewer

Function Shortcut Key(s)
Fullscreen Mode Ctrl+F
Play Spacebar
Set as A A
Set as B Ctrl + I
Swap AB Alt + G
Set as Preview Start Shift + G
Set as Preview End  0
Auto Zoom  Shift + create object
 Zoom In/Out  +/-
Switch 100% and Fullscreen  Double-click

Motion Tracking

Function Shortcut Key(s)
Move Sequence ALT + MMB
Scale Sequence ALT + RMB
Sequence Fullscreen ALT + 0
Create User Track CTRL + LMB
Lasso Selection LMB
Zoom ALT

Animation Timeline

Function Shortcut Key(s)
Key Mode/F-Curve Mode Spacebar
. with selected Tracks Ctrl + Spacebar
Record Active Objects F9
Record Current State
Play Backwards/Stop F6
 Stop F7
 Play Forwards/Stop F8
 Autokeying Ctrl + F9
 Goto Start of Animation Shift + F
 Goto Previous Key Ctrl + F
 Goto Previous Frame
 Goto Next Key Ctrl + G
 Goto Next Frame
 Goto End Shift + G
 Goto First Key Ctrl + P
 Goto Last Key  Ctrl + 0 (zero)
 Frame Selected
 Frame All
 Goto Current Frame 0 (zero)
 Goto Start Aft + F
 Goto End Aft + G
 Frame Preview Range Alt + H
 Goto Next Marker Shift + N
 Goto Previous Marker Shift + P
 Goto First Marker Ctrl + Shift + P
 Goto Last Marker  Ctrl + Shift +0
 Region Tool
 Ripple Edit Alt + R
 Automatic Mode Aft+A
 Show Search Bar Ctrl + F
 Show Filter Ctrl + U
 Key Interpolation
 Auto Tangents A, T 1
 Break Tangents B, T 2
 Zero Angle (tangents) 0, T 3  (zero)
 Zero Length (tangents) L, T 4
 Clamp C, TB
 Linear Alt + L, T6
 Step Alt + T, T 7
 Soft Alt +5, T8
 Ease In Alt +1,T1
 Ease Ease Alt + E, T 9
 Ease Out Aft+0,TO


Function Shortcut key(s)
Create Point MA
Bridge B, MB
Brush M C
Close Polygon Hole M D
Create Polygon M E
Edge Cut M F
Iron M G
Knife  K, M K
Magnet  M l
Mirror M H
Set Point Value M L
 Slide M O
 Stitch and Sew M P
 Weld M O
 Weight Subdivision Surfaces M R, . HK
 Bevel M S
 Extrude D, MT
 Extrude Inner I, MW
 Matrix Extrude M X
 Smooth Shift M Y
 Normal Move M Z
 Normal Scale M #
 Normal Rotate M ,
 Split UP
 Reverse Normals  U R
 Remove N-gons  U E
 Subdivide  US
 Melt  U Z
 Collapse  U C
 Triangulate N-gons  UT
 Disconnect  U D
 Align Normals  U A
 Make Editable  C
 Retriangluate N-gons  U G
 Un-triangulate  U U
 Move Object  4 HK
 Scale Object  5 HK
 Rotate Object  6 HK
 Move Object w/o Children  7 HK
 Move  E
 Rotate  R
 Scale  T
 Toggle Active Tool  Space
 Toggle Modeling Mode  Return
 Undo (Action)  Shift + Z
 X -Axis / Heading  X
 Y -Axis / Pitch
 Z -Axis / Bank
 Select All  Ctrl + A
 Select Connected  U W
 Deselect All  Shift + Ctrl + A
 Free Selection  8 HK
 Live Selection  9 HK
 Rectangle Selection  0 HK
 Invert  U I
 Convert Selection  U X
 Outline Selection  U Q
 Fill Selection  U F
 Grow Selection  U Y
 Ring Selection  U B
 Loop Selection  UL
 Shrink Selection  UK

BodyPaint 3D

Function Shortcut key(s)
Rotate Brush Clockwise Alt + . oder Alt +
Rotate Brush Counterclockwise Alt + [ oder Alt +
Increase Brush Size , or [
Decrease Brush Size . or ]
Increase Brush Hardness Shift +. or Shift +]
Decrease Brush Hardness Shift +. or Shift +[
Increase Brush Pressure Ctrl +. or eta+ I
Decrease Brush Pressure Ctrl +. or Ctrl +[

Material Manager

Function Shortcut key(s)
Load Materials Shift + Cut +0
New Material Ctrl + N
Replace Material by Another Alt + Drag & Drop

Attribute Manager

Function Shortcut key(s)
New Attribute Manager Shift + F5
Increase/decrease parameter change speed with arrows Alt or Shift
Parameter to default RMB +Arrow

Content Browser

Function Shortcut key(s)
New Ctrl + N
Search Bar Ctrl + F, F3
Home Directory
 Recent Items
 Search Resits


Function Shortcut key(s)
Object Manager Shift + Fl
Materials Manager Shift + F2
Timeline Shift + F3
Layer Manager Shift + F4
Attributes Manager Shift + F5
Picture Viewer Shift + F6
Coordinates Manager Shift + F7
Content Browser  Shift + F8
Structure Manager  Shift + F9
Script Manager  Shift + F11
Customize Commands Manager  Shift + F12
Change Coordinates System
Close Window  Shift + W
Delete  Backspace/Del
Heads Up Display  V HK
Toggle Parent Generator
Modify Interactive Anim.Time  J + LMB
Help via setting/element  Ctrl+F1


Function Shortcut key(s)
Switch between last tool and selection Spacebar
Manager Fullscreen Ctrl + Tab


Function Shortcut key(s)
Move Camera 1, Alt + MMB HK
Scale Camera 2, Alt + RMB HK
Rotate Camera 3, Alt + LMB HK
Frame Selected Elements 5, Alt + S
Zoom Selected Object 0, Alt +0
Zoom to Geometry 1-1, Alt + H
Hide/Show axes Alt +0
View small/large  MMB on view
Switch views  Fl, F2, F3, F4, F5
Configure Shift + V
Configure All Alt +V
 Render View Ctrl + R
 Undo View Shift + Ctrl + Z
 Redo View Shift + Ctrl + Y
 Redraw A
 All Views F5
 Toggle Active View Pg Up, MMB
 Gouraud Shading NA
 Gouraud Shading (Lines) NB
 Quick Shading NC
 Quick Shading (Lines) ND
 Constant Shading NE
 Hidden Lines NF
 Lines NG
 Wireframe NH
 Isoparms NI
 Box NK
 Skeleton NL
 Display Tags NO
 Backface Culling NP
 Textures NO
 X -Ray NR
 Use Isoline Editing Alt +A

Structure Manager

Function Shortcut key(s)
Import ASCII Data Shift + Ctrl+ 0
Jump Last Selection Shift + N
Jump Next Selection
Jump Page Up PgUp
Jump Page Down PgDown
Jump Home Home
Jump End End
 Vertex Map  V
 Polygons  0


Function Shortcut key(s)
Render Active Viewport Ctrl + R
Render to Picture Viewer Shift + R
Render to Picture Viewer (IR)  Ctrl + Shift + R
Interactive Render Region Alt + R
Make Preview Alt + B
Render Settings Ctrl + B


Function Shortcut key(s)
Smooth for all brushes Shift
Reverse brush effect Cut
Switch symmetry mode Alt + X, Y, Z
Switch to wireframe mode
Move, scale, rotate template T+LMB, PRIB, MMB

General (All Brushes)

Function Shortcut key(s)
Brush size MMB + drag horiz
Brush pressure MMB + drag veil