Hey all!

After an incredibly busy couple of months I have finally been able to get some time to get the site organised a bit and I have to admit I have been rather productive! Both Infidio and Infidio Pro have been updated and v1.3 is now available for download.

As well as this today I have released my new studio in my Infidio range and its designed to give you a moody setting with the capability to create realistic floors surfaces and still have all the super useful lighting rig. I’ve been finding Infidio Dark really useful when I wanted to create something that was sitting on concrete or a nice piece of laminate flooring.

I have built this one completely from the ground up and I think it complements the pro version perfectly. Also you can buy them all as a bundle and get around a 35% discount!

I have a bunch of new tutorials coming soon, if all goes according to plan, part 3 of the light bulb dude tutorials should be up tomorrow!


Click here for more info on Infidio Dark

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