New Site Design!

//New Site Design!

New Site Design!

Hey Everyone!

Anyone who visits Rate My Funeral regularly will notice that things around here look a tad different to normal. Well, I’ll tell you for why, I have revamped the look of the site to make it work a little better with the way the site is going. Hopefully, it is now a bit easier to navigate, running much faster and also there is a ton of clever workings in the background that will enable new features. I went for a clean design and what I think are some pretty cool looking effects!

Firstly you will notice a new landing page which shows the most popular stuff going on.

Next there is a brand new shop, this will allow me to add new products easily.

Also a really important and great new feature. When you purchase an item from the shop you will register on the site, this then allows you to log into your account.



The great thing about this is, that you will be able to log back in to download any of your purchases again. Also if there is an update for your product it will be listed on the page!

It’s all about making it easier for you!

While I have tried to make sure everything is working, there is most likely going to be things that are broken or that I have missed. If you do discover anything  please let me know via one of the many social media contact icons so that I can get it fixed!

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One Comment

  1. Mark November 7, 2013 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    The new site is bouncing around like crazy in both IE and Firefox. I’m using the latest versions on Windows 7.
    Specifically the tutorials section. It’s unusable unless I go full screen with the video if I can get it to play.
    Not bashing you here just letting you know of my experience with the site.
    Thanks for sharing your stuff.

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