For a bit of fun, inspired by the speed breakdown of the ring I made the other day I thought I’d set myself a time limit and see if I could model, texture and light a bulb in no longer that 1 hour. No rehearsal, literally just do it. I then sped it up to 2 minutes.

The bulb and the screw part are made up of loft nurbs and the wires are made of spline nurbs then the middle holder is just a modeled cube. At the end I rendered it once with the Physical Renderer then again with the standard so I could see at the difference. There wasn’t much really, but the physical renderer seemed to handle the transparency.

Naturally I just used Infidio Pro to light it as it makes lighting a scene super quick but also perhaps to enhance it a bit you could use global illumination and put a luminance texture onto the coil then actually light the scene from that. However I’m not sure I would have got that first time within the hour! Definitely something to play with!

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