tex Pre-Order Available now!

/, tex/tex Pre-Order Available now!

tex Pre-Order Available now!

I am really excited about this one! tex is the latest product that I have been working on, it is a collection of more than 300 pre-made materials and textures for Cinema 4D. A nice combination of procedural and image based materials for you to use in your scenes in any way you like.

Check out my promo video for it below!

I have setup a pre-order system so that you can purchase tex before it is released for half price! tex will be released on the 6th of Feb 2016 at noon (GMT) and it will return to its normal price of £24.99. Pre-ordering tex means that you will receive an email on Saturday the 6th of Feb with instructions on how to download it.

tex was born out of myself being fed up making textures over and over so I started building a collection. I have been using it a lot with my everyday projects and it really is saving me a bunch of time. I will be looking to update it fairly regularly as well adding new textures. Also as with all the premium RMF products it comes with an exclusive video tutorial on how to get the most out of it.

Click here for more info on tex

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