Hey guys, just wanted to do an update on Infidio Pro, I have mentioned it in a couple of tutorials and a few people have been asking me as to what it actually is. OK Let me start at the beginning.

Infidio –

An Infinity Studio tool for Cinema 4D. It allows you too add an seamless floor to a scene. All of the standard stuff is already configured for you and there is a control panel so you can make changes really easily. For example, the physics tags are already setup and in the control panel there is a slider to enable you to adjust the friction. There are global reflections built in so you don’t have to worry about that, and you can even click a button and make the floor reflective! Its all about having those things you have to do each time already done… Thus creating more time for you to make awesome and cool looking renders!

Infidio Pro

Infidio pro has all the great features of Infidio plus the lighting is already setup. It comes with a completely customisable 4 point lighting rig that has its own control panel allowing you to adjust the important bits easily! I am thinking of it as Zero to Render in seconds as you can literally be setup and ready to render in no time at all!


Now, all those who have bought Infidio already will receive Infidio Pro for free… Basically if you buy Infidio BEFORE Infidio pro is released you will get it at no extra cost when it is released and it will save you a few quid! (That’s pounds by the way)…

Infidio Pro is currently due to be released in the next couple of weeks. You can see more info about Infidio on the Infidio product page

You can check out the Infidio Gallery here… and below are a few renders that I threw together in minutes using Infidio Pro….


Chair – Default Lighting – Infidio Pro

Tape Recorder – Default Lighting – Infidio Pro

Infidio Logo – Default Lighting – Infidio Pro




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