Left Episode 3 Teaser trailer released

///Left Episode 3 Teaser trailer released

Left Episode 3 Teaser trailer released

Those that know me will know that I’ve always kinda been a big games fan…. Plus over the years I’ve always enjoyed created amusing videos from games that myself and my buddies play. We even created a group called the Ewocs (Engineers without c*cks) that made a bunch of funny videos that we put on Youtube. Our Ten things to do in Crackdown actually got more than half a million hits and over three thousand comments!  Along with some recognition from Microsoft….


One of the things we did was a machinima series called Left. It was a 6 part parody cop drama set in a city rather brilliantly called Spunknut. Unfortunatly due to time issues etc. we only ever created 2 episodes and its always been in the back of my mind to get the infamous third episode done and out…


Well boy! Have I got some exciting news for you!!! Its done, its made and it is due to be released on the 12-05-12 as the following teaser trailer reveals…. I’ll be honest, since the game is now more than 6 years old I’m not expecting the flood of hits like we used to get in the old days… but I wanted to finish the series so there WILL be a fourth, fifth and sixth episode! Its also a massive load of fun to do….




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