10 More Great Hints For Cinema 4D (Beginners)

Well after almost 2 years to the day I have finally got around to making the new 10 Hints video. This time imaginatively titled ‘10 More Great Hints for Cinema 4D‘!

Its a bit crazy thinking that two years ago I put that video together and here I am still doing it. I have also made sure that I normalized the audio this time so you can’t go shouting at me for making your ears bleed with the intro!

Anyway, in this amazingly exciting video tutorial we look at 10 more awesome Cinema 4D hints and tips that will help to get you started if your new, and perhaps jog your memory if not.  See below for a brief run down of what is contained within this video.

  • Paths from Photoshop to Cinema 4D
  • Viewport Background Images
  • Fixing Broken Splines in Cinema 4D
  • Undoing the Camera Movement Only
  • Emitter Basics
  • DOF with the Physical Renderer
  • Hiding a Cloner Object
  • Loft (Nurbs)
  • Comparing in the Picture Viewer
  • The Best Tip of all

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  1. troy March 12, 2015 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the tut. I wanted to know if these same tips and the ones in your previous “10 tips for C4D” work for C4D Lite.


  2. Mohamed March 17, 2015 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    thank you so much for theses tips i really appreciate the effort

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