Ok, the last tutorial was a bit silly, just a bit of fun. However, there was no way I could leave you’s without at least posting something that should be considered a little bit interesting for the weekend… 🙂

Earlier in the week you may, or indeed may not have seen that I posted an animation of a car skidding into the scene. Well, here is the tutorials for how I did that. I want to point out right now that I did NOT model the cars, trust me Im no where near that good. These models are awesome, I do one day hope to be able to create a model with such perfect lines but for now I can’t, so I play with other peoples. The last part of that sentence sounds incredibly dodgy if you say it out loud…. Anyway.

So, in these videos we look at how to get some awesome free car models. Now sometimes they will be textured and all fine, however sometimes you will want to tweak them for your own needs so we look at texturing the car from the ground up. Next once that is done we light the car and make it look sexy. Then finally we animate the car skidding on to the set. All just for fun!

Check out below for the videos:


Part 1 – Acquiring and Texturing the Car Model

Part 2 – Animating the Car Model

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