Happy New Year & Welcome to the New RMF!

Well, that’s another year done and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you did too.

Over the Christmas “Break” (Yeah right…..) I gave the site a complete overhaul. I changed the layout to something that I think looks a lot smarter and more intuitive. Also, I installed an entirely new shop! This means that I had to move all of you existing customers to the new system. I’m hoping I got you all but if you have any troubles accessing your downloads then please see here.

Along with this I have added all the freebie stuff into the shop. You can download them just by adding them to your basket and checking out. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t ask for any payment method if the basket amount is 0.00.

Got  load of new stuff to add to the shop both free and premium, it will be constantly updated through out  the next few months so make sure that you check back to see if there’s any new bits in there!

Be sure to check out the new Calc My Render developed by the awesome Mr Adam Owen from Bighead.org.uk. Its a very simple but handy app that helps you work out roughly how long a render is going to take!

Finally I just wanted to thank everyone whom has supported Rate My Funeral over 2014. It genuinely astounds me how much amazing feedback I get from you guys (via brian). So here’s to a fantastic 2015 with some incredible things to come for everyone!

If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see from Rate My Funeral, please comment below!

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