SRS Releases first full music video

//SRS Releases first full music video

SRS Releases first full music video

Well… I’ll be honest, this is really more from the Steel Rose Studios side of things but I have to admit that I am really quite proud of the completed article so I just simply had to share it on here.

We did a music video for the most excellent band Dirty Little Secret and we released it the other night. It presented some interesting challenges, the location was crazy mad! It was a derelict football clubhouse (We had written permission!) that had burnt down and was completely covered in some amazing graffiti. So a great setting but so many colours made me think that this couldnt end up flat otherwise you’d end up with an incredibly busy shot. So to combat that I used a colour vignette and kept the centre of the shot in black and white.

The video also features a bit of CG dust and rubble, when the song breaks into its heavy point dust bellows from all angled and rubble comes flying in from the sides, this all done in after effects.

The video was shot using a Canon 550D and a 60D. We also had a incredibly awesome jib created by the one and only Gary Lapslie.

A behind the scenes video will be released soon.

Anyway, have a look and please feel free to let me know what you think…

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