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Cannon Boxing

Hey All,

I haven’t been about in a little while as I had a bit of an operation and have been in recovery for the past couple of weeks. Today is the first time I managed to really get in front of my PC and I have to admit I was gagging for a little bit of Cinema 4D action.

I happened to notice a post by Maxon about WIN C4D which looked interesting, this made me think, what better way to ease myself back into it but join in with this. I have to admit that it wasn’t until after I had made and submitted an animation that I noticed that it says you need to use Cinema 4D lite. Never mind, still a fun little exercise. I utilised a couple of the free models that they provided which I modified a little bit and also a Cannon that I downloaded from PixelLabs. 

I shall create a tutorial on how I did it all soon.


My rather pointless submission is here:

Find out more about WIN C4D here:




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