Mountain biking in the mountains!

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Mountain biking in the mountains!

I thought that I would create a post as I haven’t posted anything lately due to being so busy! What with a trip to Austria and buying a house… I move in this week! Very very exciting, but it also meens no internet for a little while….


I wanted to share a little of my adventure in Austria, and as I went mountain biking in the Alps around Leogang, I thought that it was a great time to try out my new (ish) 8m Samyang fisheye lens. I created a make shift rig to hold the camera. By this I mean that I put the strap of my Canon 550D around my neck and pulled it tight and twisted it round my rucksack. I get a bit of grief from my fellow photographers for having what is sometimes consindered the lesser 550D, however due to its light wieght and smaller size it works great for hanging from your neck when riding a bike up the side of a mountain. Dont get me wrong, I would have killed for a GoPro but this was a considerable advantage of having the much heaftier 5D or 60D.


Anyway, which the camera relatively (well sort of) secure we set off with myself making video clips and whacking the shutter button at random moments. Below is the final video and a bunch of the pictures I got… I have to admit I’m very happy with it…. Cant wait to do something like that again….






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