Time Lapsed Star Fish Hunger…..

//Time Lapsed Star Fish Hunger…..

Time Lapsed Star Fish Hunger…..

Those around me definitely know that I have been playing with time lapse a lot lately. I did some of the view out of the front window of my old house. Also of my new garden through out a day. As well as some of my fish tank. It was the other day though that I noticed a little star fish sitting on the front of my tank eating away at a patch of algae.

I thought it was fascinating that it has been leaving these little circles of where it had cleared the algae. I also noticed that I never saw him move so this must have been happening over a very long period of time. With this in mind I figured I’d try and capture it with time lapse and see what that would look like.

I setup the camera first thing in the morning and left it going all day taking a shot every 8 seconds, creating a total of 4,567 shots, which ended up being around 2 and a half minutes of video at 24 frames per second. The final product is below, have a look and see what you think and please let me know if you have done anything similar.

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