• tex


    tex is a complete material pack for Cinema 4D. Super easy to use just select the desired texture from the category you want and drop it into your scene. You will be making beautiful renders within minutes! Each material is built from the ground up, some procedural, some using image based texturing all made to make your scenes pop and to save you time.

  • Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources
    Infidio Pro is an professional lighting studio system for Cinema 4D. It's an easy to use tool, with excellent built in features that will help you achieve a beautiful end render. With a built in 4-point lighting system you will get an even better and more efficient work flow which is smooth and provides great detail. Infidio Pro Studio is very user friendly and can easily be configured with its specifically designed control panel.
  • Infidio Dark is for creating scenes with a specific type of mood. It enables you to quickly setup a scene with a realistic looking floor. Its great for those occasions when you don’t actually want a single colour going off to infinity. Every so often you will find yourself with a project that requires a bit of a darker style to it. With Infidio Dark you can setup a scene with a realistic looking floor put your model in it and hit render. You can then tweak it until your heart is content using the control panels.
  • Save yourself the hassle of making cogs by using these pre-made ones. Check out the trailer to see them in action.
  • Cinema 4D models of every part that makes up the Lego Technic Race Car Model 42026. In case you don't want to have to build it yourself I have included a fully assembled version as well.
  • Ball Bag

    A collection of pre-made sports balls for Cinema 4D! Just add them to your scene! 11 Built-in Sports, 36 Pre Made Balls, Fully Configured for Dynamics!
  • A high quality model of a Dartboard for Cinema 4D. It also comes with darts so you can just go ahead and create some cool looking darty type scenes! All fully textured and ready. Check out the video to see the models in action.
  • This is a simple model of a wooden toy car. It is assembled with individual pieces. They are intentionally a little rough cut and not 100% perfect shapes. Feel free to modify it and tweak it until your heart is content. Use it how you wish and a credit is always nice.
  • A model of an Arcade Cabinet without textures. Check out the tutorial for details on how to texture it!
  • A model of the Xbox One that I created by eye from images released of the Xbox One before it actually came out! This means it may not be 100% acurate but I think it was a pretty good go at it! Anyway, its yours to do with what you like. A credit for use would always be nice though.
  • A model of a USB Memory Stick for Cinema 4D.
  • A high quality model of a monitor speaker for Cinema 4D. Fully Textured and setup with sound effectors so that the Woofer and Tweeter move to a sound file! Simply expand the model and add your sound file to the two sound effectors then the tweeter will move with the high notes and the woofer will move with the low notes.
  • Infidio

    How many times have your created a floor object? Then made a texture tag for it, then assigned it to the floor. Now, you want to change the colour. Don’t forget you also want to create a background. Do you want to use physics? Yes, so you need to configure the rigid bodies tags…. Not with Infidio. Just put it in the scene and bam! Its all done for you! You just have to tweak it.