Free Model Download – Xmas Doorway Scene

///Free Model Download – Xmas Doorway Scene

Free Model Download – Xmas Doorway Scene


To celebrate the ol’ Christmas time coming up I thought I’d do something that has nothing to do with Infidio! So Im giving away this free Christmas Doorway Scene that I sat and painstakingly made with love, just for you!

Honestly, I don’t know why, I just saw a nice looking doorway and thought… oooh I want to make that… So I did…

Anyway, hopefully you might find a use for it, if you want… well a doorway with some snow around it.

Feel free to do what you like with it, modify it, change it etc. (a credit mention is always nice mind..) 😉

Merry Christmas all!

Click the link below to download it. Note, you’re going to need at least R13 as it uses the physical renderer.

[Download not found]
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  1. Michael July 18, 2013 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Like the image.

    Did you know the link doesn’t work. It’s like, “Merry Christmas!!! Here’s a gift – naaaaagh just kidding.”

    Some thoughts for future development:
    Look and even take measurements of actual architecture. When you’re off by even a little bit it destroys the illusion (unless of course you take such a stylistic approach that we understand this is tampered with for expression sake). The blocks look to pushed in and out, the door looks a little square to me, the columns should frame the door above too – I can’t imagine what is outside the frame, where the columns are going, how the architecture resolved up there. Maybe just add a lintel above the door spanning the columns. Shouldn’t there also be a wall light on the other side of the door? It’s so symmetrical otherwise. Maybe the other light could be broken – it would give more narrative possibilities.

    While I’m on that point, narrative possibilities, anything you can add to the scene that would say something about the people living there or the neighborhood would contribute tones to the image, a snow shovel propped against the wall, garbage cans, the corner of a window with a lazy cat looking out of it, graffiti, a dead body, um… I am left a little hungry for more clues about what this is about. If you can find an ironic twist to the old Merry Christmas theme that would be nuclear good.

    If you look at the old columns painters, you’ll see they never box you into architecture – even when you are in a room the put in doors and windows to let you virtually walk deeper into the painting. Even then if you look through the window often times you’ll see a courtyard with a gate that opens up to yet another space. In landscape painting, roads and rivers often do just what your steps are doing – leading the viewer into the painted world. But in yours we are slammed against a locked door. Consider ending the wall, let’s say on the left side, give us a rectangular sliver of deeper space. Show us a bit of the environment this building is in. Is this a brownstone in Brooklyn with other massive and tightly packed structures or is this a wealthy estate surrounded by a pine tree forest? The window idea above also could work here to give us an entry way into deeper space. The more avenues back into the painting you give us the more there is to explore. It’s like a first-person, 3D game world, we want to explore inside this world. Okay, you got that point, I’ll leave it there.

    I really like all the tiny lights. It doesn’t bother me the wires slip through the snow but I wish they were less regular. It looks like a coil of barbed wire that was extended up the steps. I’d rather see the string of lights dangle and make parabolic arcs between attachment points. You could plug the end of it into the missing wall light on the right or snake it in through a crack in the missing window or door.

    With all that said, I do like the picture. It has a great mood by the combination of massive and confronting architecture and lighting.

    Merry Christmas,

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