Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Create a Dynamic Spring

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Create a Dynamic Spring

In this thrilling tutorial we look at creating a dynamic spring that actually shows in the render and works with the dynamics system. This came about after I was creating an exploded locking mechanising for an advert. Cinema has the spring connector which works wonderfully, however it doesn’t show in the render. In order to get round this I created a helix spline with a sweep nurbs and then tied that to the position of the top part of the spring. Hey presto a working spring that shows in the render and is completely dynamic! Check out the example below for a real quick idea of what I mean.

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  3. James July 18, 2013 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    Hey Rory,

    Love your tutorials. Really useful techniques!
    I was just doing this tutorial because I need a sign to drop down from a spring. Everything was going great until the spring render. I did the little expresso trick and it worked…except it sends the spring in the opposite direction of the object that is falling. I’ve tried flipping the helix, inserting a range mapper to reverse the position data but it’s just not working. Any help or tips would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again and look forward to the next one.

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