Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Rig a Rag Doll

In this tutorial we look at how to rig the build in wooden figure in Cinema 4D so that it acts with rag doll physics. We use various connectors from fixed, hinged to rag doll to achieve this and it does create some pretty amusing outcomes.

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Stylish 3D Wooden Text Structure

In this viewer requested tutorial we look at building some really cool looking 3D wooden text. We look at how you can use multiple textures on a single extrude nurbs enabling you to texture the cap differently to the main extrude.

I love the simplicity of this one, yet it makes for a very striking final image. Also there seems to […]

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Texturing and Animating a Car Model

Ok, the last tutorial was a bit silly, just a bit of fun. However, there was no way I could leave you’s without at least posting something that should be considered a little bit interesting for the weekend… :)

Earlier in the week you may, or indeed may not have seen that I posted an animation of a car skidding […]

Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to create a cube

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to make a cube. Please note that this tutorial is designed for advanced users of Cinema 4D.


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Cinema 4D Tutorial + Free Arcade Cabinet Model

This time we will do something slightly different. I am going to provide the model that we are going to play with and then show you how to mess with it!

We will look at texturing it using the included template file. Also we will look at two different methods of how to put video onto the screen of the […]

Cinema 4D Xmas Tutorial – Make a Snowy Log Cabin

Well, this one was an absolutely nightmare to get done, I have had recording problems, rendering problems, the video kept getting messed up, there’s a bunch of very odd cuts in this tutorial so you’ll have to forgive me for that! I really wanted to get it up well before actual Christmas and I only just got there!! So…..

Merry […]

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    Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 3 – The Bike

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 3 – The Bike

The long awaited third part to the Light Bulb on a bike tutorial set. This time we are making the bike and if I’m completely honest I forgot how long this thing takes to setup. So this is a pretty long one and in those time constraints I didn’t really get it looking exactly as I would have liked. […]

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 2 – Body Parts

Ok so here is part two of this series in which we are creating the super cool looking bulb guy on an an exorcise bike. In this part we are getting the body parts together.

View part 1 here


More info on Infidio Pro: http://www.ratemyfuneral.com/shop/infidio-pro/

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 1 – Light Bulb

Been quiet lately, other than the complete site rebuild, I have not had much time to put in to RMF lately. However, that is about to change! Tonight see’s the first part of a set of tutorials where we create a bulb riding an exorcise bike that is powering itself. I saw the image in a 3D magazine. I […]

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Build a Futuristic Building

In this tutorial we look at how to make a simple building. Hopefully, there’s a few useful techniques in here that may be of benefit. We start by creating a simple building shape, then adding a few details, then really really quickly light it. This is all inspired by a post on Video Copilot in which Andrew Kramer is talking about creating a a futuristic building pack that he will then give away on the site for free. The interesting part is that the models will be created by the community. I think this is a fantastic idea and should turn out a ton of amazing creations.

So if you are thinking that you would like to join in and submit something but are not sure where to start, this should get you up and running. Don’t forget to post links to stuff you make, I’d love to see them!

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