Infidio: An easy to use infinity studio for Cinema 4D

Yes that’s right, Infidio helps you get your scene setup in minutes! Loads of features! Change Colour, Floor Size, Pre-Configured Physics Tags, Built-in Global Reflections & More!

What is Infidio?

Infidio is an infinity studio tool for Maxon’s Cinema 4D which speeds up your work flow and helps you create scenes with ease! Once you add Infidio to your project, all you need to do is adjust easy to use controls to create the perfect studio for your scene.

  • Full control over the studio size
  • Adjust the reflectivity of the floor with a simple slider

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Infidio: Make things easier for yourself

Save time by not recreating a whole scene every time you start a new project. Change the look and style of your studio in seconds!

Why Infidio?

How many times have your created a floor object? Then made a texture tag for it, then assigned it to the floor. Now, you want to change the colour. Don’t forget you also want to create a background. Do you want to use physics? Yes, so you need to configure the rigid bodies tags…. Not with Infidio. Just put it in the scene and bam! Its all done for you! You just have to tweak it.
  • Customisable colour selector with gradients
  • Wall and Edge modes to simulate a studio back drop
  • Pre-configured physics tags with easy to adjust sliders

Get Infidio Now! Instant Download!

Infidio is an Instant Download so you don’t have to wait around for it to be delivered! Just get it and start playing!

Some of the great features of Infidio, are that all the adjustments are made from one place. You can easily modify the studio without having to mess around with textures, assign tags or look for different size options. Putting it simply, when starting your project all the studio objects and textures are setup and you can just tweak them to your liking. You can change the colour of the whole studio in seconds to give completely different looks!

Benefits of Infidio?

Infidio Also has a built-in global reflection setting that comes with 30 HDR images that you can adjust as you wish. You can even use your own HDR images to provide the reflection for a scene.
Infidio comes with an instructional video on how to install it and setup your first scene. We then go through all the settings so  you can get on with creating awesome renders straight away!
Note. Infidio is not a plugin, it is designed to be added seamlessly to a scene or used as a template to start a scene with the most common settings already configured.

Infidio: Simple stuff

Satisfaction Guarantee.

All Rate My Funeral products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If your not happy with your purchase simply email from the email address you purchased it using. Include a short description of why your not happy and I will give you a refund for the amount you paid. Simple.


Infidio requires Cinema 4D R12 and above. All of the versions are supported (Studio, Visualise, Broadcast and Prime). Infidio is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R15.

  • Instant Download, no fuss, no waiting. Get it now!
  • All Infidio updates are free once purchased!
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Hang on a minute, have you seen INFIDIO PRO?

Infidio Pro has all of these amazing features PLUS a built in 4 point lighting rig!

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