Infidio Pro: Cinema 4D Lighting Studio

Infidio Pro helps you get your scene setup in minutes! Tons of features! Built-in 4 point lighting rig, Change Colour, Floor Size, Pre-Configured Physics Tags, Built-in Global Reflections & More!

What is Infidio Pro?

Infidio Pro is an professional lighting studio for Cinema 4D. It has a built-in 4 point lighting system and is designed to speed up your work flow. With Infidio Pro you can light your scenes and products with ease! The studio and lighting rig is completely configurable from the specially designed control panel. Infidio Pro is perfect if you just need to quickly light a product shot, or model something but don’t want to have to configure fresh lights each time.

  • Full control over the lighting, with 4 built-in lights
  • No need to set it up every time, just take it out of the box and tweak it

Infidio Pro: Quick Guide

Infidio Pro: Cinema 4D Lighting made easy!

Save time by not recreating and lighting a whole scene every time you start a new project. Change the look and style of your studio in seconds!

Why the Pro version?

If you want to save your self a bit of time with setting up a seamless floor then Infidio is fine, but why not have it include the lighting as well? That can save you even more time! Place your object into the scene, adjust the lights from the control panel to your taste and hey presto! You can hit render! Its as easy as that! Infidio Pro comes with an extended control panel that adds even more functionality to the already awesome list of features in Infidio!
  • 4 Point lighting, Fill, Hair, Key, Distance
  • Individual light position, colour and brightness controls
  • Complete control over shadows including brightness and quality

Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources
Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources

Get Infidio Pro Now! Instant Download!

Infidio Pro is an Instant Download so you don’t have to wait around for it to be delivered! Just get it and start playing!

Some of the great features of the Pro version are that it adds the extra bits to make creating a scene from start to finish that little bit easier and quicker. Just like Infidio all the adjustments are made from one place. You can easily modify the studio lighting without having to hunt through all of the lights in your scenes settings.

Benefits of Infidio Pro?

Just like Infidio the Pro version has the built-in global reflection setting that comes with 30 HDR images that you can adjust as you wish. You can even use your own HDR images to provide the reflection for a scene. Infidio Pro comes with an instructional video on how to install it and setup your first scene. We then go through all the settings so you can get on with creating awesome renders straight away! Infidio pro is designed to be added seamlessly to a scene meaning you can start rendering quicker.

Simple and Beautiful Lighting

Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources

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All Rate My Funeral products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If your not happy with your purchase simply email from the email address you purchased it using. Include a short description of why your not happy and I will give you a refund for the amount you paid. Simple.


Infidio Pro requires Cinema 4D R12 and above. All of the versions are supported (Studio, Visualise, Broadcast and Prime). Infidio Pro is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R15.

  • Instant Download, no fuss, no waiting. Get it now!
  • All Infidio Pro updates are free once purchased!
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