In order to celebrate the new year I am putting a sale on for all RMF products. Simply enter HELLO2014 into the voucher code box at the checkout to receive an awesome 35% discount! I am going to be running this sale from the 30-12-13 until the 01-01-14 so be sure not to miss it!!

I would like to say […]

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Rate My Cog – Available now!

Its here! Its the most talked about thing since…. well… ok so most likely no one has actually said anything but its still pretty cool! Rate My Cog is the name for my new product available in the shop.

It is a collection of modelled cogs and gears that can be used in both Cinema 4D and Video CoPilots Element […]

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Anyone up for a meet up type gathering?

Ok,  I was in the pub last night talking to a good friend of mine and he suggested that I see if anyone that visits my site that also happens to be relatively near by, fancies some kind of gathering…. Nothing over the top, just meeting up in a venue of some sort (most likely a pub) to talk 3D […]

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Introducing Infidio Dark!

Hey all!

After an incredibly busy couple of months I have finally been able to get some time to get the site organised a bit and I have to admit I have been rather productive! Both Infidio and Infidio Pro have been updated and v1.3 is now available for download.

As well as this today I have released my new studio […]

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Cinema 4D R15 Announced!

Its that time of year again and the new version of Cinema 4D is right around the corner! I have to admit I thought that perhaps we would get a slightly jazzier name… R15 seem fairly logical but at the same time very unimaginative! I would have loved to see it given a crazy assed name… you know like […]

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New Site Design!

Hey Everyone!

Anyone who visits Rate My Funeral regularly will notice that things around here look a tad different to normal. Well, I’ll tell you for why, I have revamped the look of the site to make it work a little better with the way the site is going. Hopefully, it is now a bit easier to navigate, running much […]

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Free XBOX One C4D model and breakdown

Hey peoples!

Now, I’m going to start this post by pointing out that I am a massive Xbox fan. It does seem that I am one of the few people that is actually looking forward to the new Xbox. So to join in with the celebrations of the unveiling I thought I’d attempt to model it in Cinema 4D. Now please […]

Problems with the site resolved!

Hey Guys!

Apologies if you have been experiencing issues with the site over the last couple of days. It should now be resolved and the site is now fully up and running again!

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Infidio & Infidio Pro v1.2 update available now!

Hey Guys,

As part of working with your feedback I have released an update for both Infidio and Infidio Pro. They are now up to version 1.2.

The new version fixes a few minor bugs and tweaks a few of the lighting configurations. The floor no longer reflects the lighting rig. There was an issue with other objects not interacting with the floor correctly. This is now fixed. Also there is also now the option hide the lighting in the editor if is getting in your way.

New purchases will automatically be version 1.2.

If you have already purchased Infidio or Infidio Pro you can visit to download the new version.

If you have trouble please email from the email address that you bought it with and we can sort it out.

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First year done… Whats next?

Hey Everyone.

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone that has visited the site over the past 9 months. The site has come quite a long way since it was first created and I really love all the awesome feedback I get from you guys. Its been great fun getting Infidio all sorted and mega thanks to all of you who bought […]

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