Black Friday Announcement

Check out the video for a quick announcement about the Black Friday sale at RMF. Its a whopper I can tell you! Make sure you are following on:



Google Plus

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Recreate a Piece of Art

If you haven’t heard of Pawel Kuczynski you should check out his work. Its stonkingly good! Anyway, I was sent one of his images (not by him I might add) and asked if I thought it would translate into Cinema very well. I thought it was such a great image that I decided to take on the challenge! Then I […]

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RMF & R16

This is a real quick video for if you are following older tutorials and are using R16. Also a quick note on how to get a reflective floor with Infidio Pro in R16 until the official version is released.

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Model a Product and Box

In this brand new tutorial we look at some basics by modelling a simple cream bottle thing and its box. Inspired by an example scene from the R16 content browser by Dimitris Katsafouros. We look at creating the cream bottle things and the box using simple and easy methods in Cinema. Also we look at how to use a […]

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Facebook Comp Winners Announced!

Firstly, thanks to everyone that joined in with the facebook  competition to guess how many balls are in this jar.

Big congrats to the 2 winners!

I can announce that there is 225 balls in this jar!

So the 1 Place winner was Christina Nelson

and the 2nd place winner was Kirsi Pihlaja

As I am feeling in a really good mood both will receive a […]

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Facebook Competition

Its been quiet around here lately due to various reasons and I am now back working on things. Admittedly I still have a few private jobs going on which always hamper me from being able to dedicate my time to the site but, hey I have a mortgage to pay! Anyway, I am now working on some new tutorials […]

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Cannon Boxing

Hey All,

I haven’t been about in a little while as I had a bit of an operation and have been in recovery for the past couple of weeks. Today is the first time I managed to really get in front of my PC and I have to admit I was gagging for a little bit of Cinema 4D action.

I happened to […]

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Infidio Pro Version 1.4 – Available Now!

Infidio Pro version 1.4 is now available in the shop. It contains a few new controls and lots of under the hood type stuff going on to make it even better!

I thought I’d make a cool new trailer for it too!

Also there is a new quick guide as the old one was starting to get a little out of […]

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How to make a Perpetual Motion Machine in Cinema 4D

In this quick tip tutorial we take a look at making a really simple Perpetual Motion Machine. A few cylinders, some connectors and a couple of dynamics tags and your all set for Perpetual Motion goodness!

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Colouring Dynamic Objects with Effectors

Quick Tip Tutorial – In this quick video we take a look at how to make shader and inheritance effectors effect the colour of a dynamic object by its position.

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