Cinema 4D Tutorial – Texturing and Animating a Car Model

Ok, the last tutorial was a bit silly, just a bit of fun. However, there was no way I could leave you’s without at least posting something that should be considered a little bit interesting for the weekend… :)

Earlier in the week you may, or indeed may not have seen that I posted an animation of a car skidding […]

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    Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 3 – The Bike

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Self Powering Bulb – Part 3 – The Bike

The long awaited third part to the Light Bulb on a bike tutorial set. This time we are making the bike and if I’m completely honest I forgot how long this thing takes to setup. So this is a pretty long one and in those time constraints I didn’t really get it looking exactly as I would have liked. […]

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Light Bulb Model – Speed Breakdown – Cinema 4D

For a bit of fun, inspired by the speed breakdown of the ring I made the other day I thought I’d set myself a time limit and see if I could model, texture and light a bulb in no longer that 1 hour. No rehearsal, literally just do it. I then sped it up to 2 minutes.

The bulb and […]

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Clock Clock White – Cinema 4D

I saw this fantastic video of a real clock designed by Humans since 1982. I just had to build it in C4D! Made using simple shapes and light with Infidio Pro. The next challenge is to actually make it work! :) Xpresso much!!!
For more info on the original check out this page!

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Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Create a Dynamic Spring

In this thrilling tutorial we look at creating a dynamic spring that actually shows in the render and works with the dynamics system. This came about after I was creating an exploded locking mechanising for an advert. Cinema has the spring connector which works wonderfully, however it doesnt show in the render. In order to get round this I […]

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Infidio & Infidio Pro v1.2 update available now!

Hey Guys,

As part of working with your feedback I have released an update for both Infidio and Infidio Pro. They are now up to version 1.2.

The new version fixes a few minor bugs and tweaks a few of the lighting configurations. The floor no longer reflects the lighting rig. There was an issue with other objects not interacting with the floor correctly. This is now fixed. Also there is also now the option hide the lighting in the editor if is getting in your way.

New purchases will automatically be version 1.2.

If you have already purchased Infidio or Infidio Pro you can visit to download the new version.

If you have trouble please email from the email address that you bought it with and we can sort it out.

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25% Off Infidio and Infidio Pro this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

In order to be festive and stuff I’m doing a Christmas sale! Just enter XMASLOVE when purchasing either Infidio or Infidio Pro at the checkout and you’ll receive 25% off!!

You can see them under products! This offer ends at midnight on Sunday!


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Introducing – Infidio Pro – OUT NOW!

Hey all, Well, today is the the release day for Infidio Pro. For those that arn’t familiar with Infidio its a seamless floor or infinity studio tool for Cinema 4D. It sets up a scene with all of the most commonly used configuration controls at hand to make it easy to adjust. The Pro version sees a lighting rig […]

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