Cinema 4D Tutorial – Build a Dynamic Roulette Wheel

///Cinema 4D Tutorial – Build a Dynamic Roulette Wheel

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Build a Dynamic Roulette Wheel

Ok so this tutorial ended up taking a bit longer than anticipated. In this one we take a look at building a fully dynamic roulette wheel. There are a couple of problems along the way but in the end we kind of get there. I warn you now, there is a lot of rambling in this one! It’s definitely not one about making it look pretty but all the principles are there to get you going in creating your own master piece!

I can already see some really cool slo-mo ball bouncing with loud echo bangs as the ball knocks again the separators before falling gracefully into it’s final resting place!

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  1. imran April 16, 2015 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    the output is great. But please first experiment before making a tutorial. that’s a humble request.

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