Clock Clock White – Cinema 4D

I saw this fantastic video of a real clock designed by Humans since 1982. I just had to build it in C4D! Made using simple shapes and light with Infidio Pro. The next challenge is to actually make it work! :) Xpresso much!!!
For more info on the original check out this page!

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New RMF Challenge inside…….

Whats up everyone? Its time for a new challenge but firstly big congrates to Debbie Baker for winning the previous challenge, Real Reflections. She will be recieving an A2 print of her image to do with as she wishes… (Plus a bonus 8gb SD memory card). It goes without saying though, massive thanks to everyone that submitted an image […]

Real Reflections Challenge

Submissions are now closed. Thanks for entering.

Ok its time for the new challenge! The little monsters challenge is certainly going to take some beating so I hope your all ready for this one!


The challenge is simply this, you must submit an image of an interesting and real reflection. Obviously I’m hoping for a little more than just […]