Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources!

RMF’s #1 priority is providing good quality video tutorials for Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and from time to time Photoshop. Here you will also find useful tools for Cinema 4D that I create in order to make creating easier. I believe in sharing knowledge as I find it helps me learn and become better at what I do.

Cinema 4D Tutorials and Resources

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FeedBack: I love hearing feed back from you guys!

It means so much to us here when we hear back from you guys, its your feedback and contributions that help to make RMF what it is!

Just a tip of the hat to you

for all your very helpful Cinema 4D tutorials and your Infidio rig which I find myself using a lot. Keep up the good work. Best. - Frank Dibble via Vimeo

Great …. I like your all tuts ….. Well done and keep it up !!!!
Islam Abou Rawash, via Vimeo
Vortex Text Reveal – Great Tutorial! Thanks, Ira
Ira, via Vimeo
A drunk teacher and a stoned learner! Great tutorial fella thanks a lot.
Mit Sink, via YouTube
@ratemyfuneral bought and tested 3 C4D pro lighting/environment solutions this weekend, Infidio is killing it. Love what you’ve done here.
Rod Steele, via Twitter
Infidio paid for itself in the first job! Brilliant, Well put together and it just saves me so much time! Thanks again.
Tony Silv, via Email

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